Should the world have a common single language?

Should the world have a common single language?

Should the world have a common single language?

The phenomenom of globalization has helped curtail the spread of the English language over the whole world. Nowadays, English is considered to be a global language.

This powerful language has dominated many areas such as business, aviation, tourism, economy, politics, music, science and television.

English current overseas popularity is a fact: it is the most widely spoken language as well as the most geographically widespread second language. How is it that English has become globish?

There are two possible answers and they are regarding to historical events.

One of the reasons for this language development could be the British colonial expansion. Another cause, is the economic, politic and social power of the United States developed in the last century.

These helped English language become more dominant but there is another important fact that establishes English as that language used as a means of overseas communication by people around the world.

English is the most spoken language in the world. Some people may agree with the idea that it is necessary for most nations to speak English as a world international language.In other words, having English as a standard language, everyone would share the same common means of communication.

This would help people to understand one another more easily or to do business more efficiently… but would it be essential to establish English as a universal language to achieve simplicity in communication?

Stephen J. Dubner claims that the popularity of English is incidental due to the process of globalization which benefits the most omnipotent countries, such as the anglo-saxon ones.

Now, English is the most spoken language since the English-speaking countries are the most powerful ones in terms of economy or politics. Nevertheless, other languages would not disappear just because English is growing as a second language.

English is a tool which could be useful to those non-native speakers who desire to be plugged into the present competitive and demanding world that requires English as a communicative skill.

  • Since English engages a crucial place as a transnational language, the issue in cuestion is… will English be the future international official language common to all human beings?

Although proponents believe this cross-border language will definitely turn into a common one because of its present international relevance, this will not be possible.

All in all, Why should the world have a single language when it can have many?


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